We’re excitedly looking ahead to a return to ‘normal’ and what better way to celebrate than with the launch of the new MyWycombe website. But what about the team behind the website, and why is it being launched now? Here’s everything you need to know about MyWycombe.com.

  1. MyWycombe is run by HWBIDCo

The team represent the Town Centre’s 600 or so businesses, all of whom add money to a local fund through a ‘BID levy’ that is then used to help improve the Town Centre. These improvements have a knock-on effect, helping the local economy grow and better serve local residents, employees and visitors. HWBIDCo also run lots of community events throughout the year – including FrogFest and the Christmas Light Switch-On. They’re not the council and don’t fund activity already delivered by local authorities.

2. What is ‘Recovery’ and how does it affect members of the public?  

HWBIDCo have been working behind the scenes implementing ‘recovery linked activity’ – meaning delivering schemes which will help the Town Centre ‘build back better’ following an exceptionally difficult period. Some of these schemes will directly impact the visitor experience; for example, delivering specialty markets and events such as FrogFest and the ‘Christmas Light Switch-On’, plus Town Centre bunting, hanging baskets, planters, arts animations, maps, competitions, offers and also some infrastructure projects such as the new parklet in Frogmoor.

3. Why have HWBIDCo launched the new website?

HWBIDCo and High Wycombe Museum were able to access grant funding during lockdown to help promote High Wycombe’s heritage and events. The website will now act as a ‘one stop shop’ for members of the public to be able to find out more about the Town Centre and see what events are coming up.

4. What else is happening around town?

HWBIDCo recently launched a FREE Wifi service in the Town Centre – users can simply click on the ‘HIGH WYCOMBE Free Wifi’ network, register through Facebook or by completing a quick registration form. With social-distancing rules due to be relaxed over the coming months, the tentative planning of heritage-linked activities and the return of Town Centre Events has also begun, see our events pages for updates to ‘Whats On’ or follow us on social media for more regular updates.