My Wycombe’s Spring Festival event this past weekend welcomes 100+ litter picking volunteers, with over 35kg of waste removed from the town centre… 

High Wycombe town centre received a ‘spring clean’ this past weekend, with HWBIDCo’s ‘Town Tidy’ event welcoming over 100 litter picking volunteers. Working in teams, groups were dispatched along the High Street, Desborough Rd & Frogmoor, as well as down to sections of the River Wye by the Wycombe Swan & Council Offices. 

Ably supervised by local eco-heroes, Chiltern Rangers, a grand haul was removed from the river, including a bike, 2 road signs and 10 bin bags of other miscellaneous waste – over 35kg of rubbish! Sadly, discarded facemasks were the most frequently found item, with over 230 retrieved from the streets & river across the two days.

Town-centre businesses, including an 8 person-strong team from Eden Shopping Centre, as well as conservation-conscious local shoppers, helped pile a skip high with waste – sent away to be responsibly recycled, no longer left as a blight on public spaces. Representatives from Buckinghamshire Council also played their part, with Vice-Chairman Dev Dhillon lending a helping hand & grabbing a picker to get the town spic & span.

Chief Executive of My Wycombe and HWBIDCo – the town centre team, Melanie Williams, commented, “The ‘Spring Clean’ event was such a success this weekend – even the sun shone to make it a brighter day! It was great to see so many volunteers from the local area, and a big thanks to local businesses for lending a hand. It’s a shame there was so much rubbish to collect, but it showed that by working together how much of a positive impact we can have on our town centre – High Wycombe town centre is now looking spic & span and ready for the Spring season!”  

For more information on the event, please contact info@hwbidco.co.uk. For more info on Chiltern Rangers, please visit: www.chilternrangers.co.uk