Our new and exciting Curious Creatures Safari trail has officially begun!

Link to the map:  trail info page 

Our intrepid heroes Ollie and Izzy are back on the safari path, this time they’re searching for a mythical beast called the Jade Dragon. To get to it, they’ll have to go on a globe-trotting journey speaking to ten other curious creatures who might know its whereabouts. The creatures won’t give up their clues easily though!

Visit all of the creatures in your area, in any order, and scan the QR codes to reveal them in AR. Complete mini-challenges and riddles at each stop and once you’ve completed them all, you’ll be able to download the conclusion as a free ebook.

To learn more or start the trail, go to https://highstreetsafari.com/creatures  

Taking part in the trail is simple!

Visit the website to see the trail map

  1. Link to the map:  trail info page  
  2. Visit each of the 10 locations
  3. Scan their unique QR codes with your
  4. When you’ve found them all, download your free digital book

The local businesses involved are:

  • Kubik Café
  • Grounded Kitchen
  • Sally Beauty
  • Robin Eckartd
  • The Works
  • Uncle Sami
  • Historia
  • The Front Room
  • Craft Coop
  • The Library