Joicey’s Boxing Club

High Street


Joicey’s new Boxing Club on the High Street is becoming a ‘knock-out’ success in Wycombe town centre. Alice, from the HWBIDCO team, was invited for a taster session to check out the action…


“Train with a professional mindset, disappear, transform and become the best version of yourself.” (Joicey, 2023)



Joicey’s Boxing Club – which opened in 2022 – isn’t just about the sport, Andy Joicey is trying to make a difference in High Wycombe to create a safe, passionate and positive space for professionals to beginners and anyone in between.


Andy wants to turn the conversation away from the negativity associated with boxing and use his gym to support his customer’s wellbeing too. His future plans include a mental health and treatment room – something he knows will make his club stand out in the local area.



‘Joicey’ has put his blood, sweat and tears into this Gym claiming it’s “the start of something new” and for him “it’s not just a gym it’s life”. The gym welcomes anyone of any age and ability, welcoming anyone who is willing to work hard.


Andy gave Alice from the HWBIDCO team a special 1 on 1 PT session to show “what the gym was really about” which included an extremely detailed and tailored HIT session and a safe introduction to boxing.


Alice said the atmosphere in the gym was “electric” and you could really see the community Andy and his team are building. “It was one of the best gym experiences I’ve ever had, and Andy’s patience and guidance meant the experience was challenging but gratifying experience” (Alice).


The Club offers everything from boxing classes, fitness advice, gym equipment and a full boxing ring. Other offers include 1 on 1 personal training with former Pro Andy himself and professional boxing trainer Robert Lloyd Taylor. Prices start from £100 per year for memebership.


The Gym also has both male and female changing and shower facilities, as well as rear parking.  The Club entrance is located at the rear of the high street on Oakridge Road near Swan Car Park.


If you are interested in joining the club or want further information on opening times, classes, and prices you can call Andy on 07969033132 and follow him on Instagram and Facebook @joiceysboxing.