High Wycombe Equipped With NEW Town Centre Defibrillator


A life-saving defibrillator has been installed on Paul’s Row


In a project initiated and funded by town centre team, HWBIDCo, a new life-saving medical device has been installed on Paul’s Row to help & support a rescue for a person in cardiac arrest. With approximately 60,000 people each year sustaining sudden cardiac arrest outside of hospital, the new equipment will enable members of the public with basic training, to improve a patient’s survival rate, and save valuable minutes before the emergency services arrive.


Located in All Saints Churchyard, the new device will be registered with the national defibrillator network which connects immediately to NHS ambulance services across the UK. It can be accessed in emergencies by calling 999, who will provide a code to unlock the device and offer guidance on use.




Whilst Wycombe Hospital is close by, HWBIDCo recognised the importance of having the crucial life-saving equipment close to hand in the town centre. Melanie Williams, Chief Executive of HWBIDCo, commented; “Emergencies can happen anywhere, and we want to ensure that our town centre is fully equipped for all eventualities. The fast deployment of a defibrillator has been shown to increase the survival rate of a sudden cardiac arrest victim by up to 90% and it’s important to us to offer that life-saving support.”


For more information about using Defibrillators and providing CPR, please visit: www.resus.org.uk