With all the stresses and strains over the last 12 months, self-care is now more important than ever. With wellness very much on the national agenda, one local business is busy leading the charge to help raise awareness of the importance of taking time out for yourself. The Massage Company, located on the corner of Castle Street, is on a mission to bring regular high quality massage to the mainstream. With the recent reopening of the town centre, we took the opportunity to sit down with owner, Mark Coldham to discuss the importance of looking after yourself, what he loves most about High Wycombe and how he went from Royal Artillery officer to massage entrepreneur….

Mark, tell us a bit about what inspired you to open The Massage Company?

My wife Rachel and I are both ex Royal Artillery officers, who went into programme management roles in the city after we left the forces. We wanted to start up a business of our own and focus on being more local as we bring up our family in High Wycombe. We opened The Massage Company in 2019. It’s a membership based massage service, bringing high quality regular massage to the local community. We wanted to bring the benefits of regular massage to the high street in a way that could be available to everyone – not just an occasional luxury treat! 

Why did you choose High Wycombe as a destination?

My family and I live in High Wycombe and definitely feel like we’re part of the town. I love being part of the re-generation of the high street, and bringing a service to the community that just isn’t available in this form anywhere else. High Wycombe is a buzzing community just waiting for the opportunity to really flourish. Recently there’s been a tangible shift in the dynamic and feel of the town centre. It’s a fantastic destination for retail and leisure with an amazing history behind it.

2020 was a tough year for businesses. How have you coped with multiple lockdowns and the recent re-opening of the centre?

As a close contact business the last year has clearly not been the most friendly to us. We have been forced to close for nine and a half months out of thirteen, and had to find our way through a lot of uncertainty along the way. We are a membership based massage centre, so as well as looking after the team throughout it all, we have also had to make sure that we’re doing the right thing for our members along the way.

We have been totally blown away by the loyalty of our members. So many of them are just really excited to be coming back to have their long-awaited massages. We re-opened the centre last Thursday (15th April) and have been fully booked up since then. We have had to start slowly though, and reduced the hours for the therapists in order to help them build back up to their usual capacity in a safe and healthy way. 

What local ‘hidden gem’ would you recommend to town centre visitors (could be another local business, attraction, walk, etc)?

My favourite little hidden gem in High Wycombe would be Lata Lata. This little restaurant, nestled between the town centre and the university serves the most sublime cuisine, beautifully crafted, and served with the most amazing cocktails. Trust me, this place is fantastic!

Have you got any offers or exciting plans that you can let us in on?

We are offering an introductory massage at the centre for just £49.95, and if you tell us you heard of us through MyWycombe.com you can have a complementary upgrade to your introductory treatment!  

Where can people find out more about The Massage Company?

Come and find us on Castle Street, just opposite the church, or visit our website

The Massage Company is located at 1 Castle Street and is open Monday – Sunday. For more information follow them on Facebook