The Angel Cheeks Photography Studio on Easton Street is a wonderful venue, offering maternity, newborn, family and child shoots – capturing moments in life which will be treasured forever. Reminiscent of a vintage film set, the décor of the photography studio creates a fantastic setting, with many of the props & sets lovingly handmade by The Angel Cheeks’ owner, Magda Czaplewska. We sat down with Magda to find out more about the business… 


Q. Could you tell us a little bit more about The Angel Cheeks for those who might not know?

I offer maternity, newborn, child, family, portraiture packages, as well as mini-shoots for those just wanting a handful of images. The Angel Cheeks provides full-service photography sessions, tailored to your specific wants, needs and tastes. Care and passion are involved in everything I do, from the appearance of the studio to your final images. 

When it comes to taking your images home, there’s a variety of products I offer, allowing you to display your memories in a way that’s best for you. From high-resolution digital images (presented on a memory stick in a gift box) to beautifully presented, luxury heirloom boxes.

Q. How long have you been situated here in Wycombe town centre?

I’ve been located here for 4 months, after taking the leap to move to a full studio (something I’ve always wanted) after the lockdowns.I’ve been running a photography business for 7 years, before this I visited others at home, but having my own studio allows particular control over lighting and angles, it also provides my customers with further luxuries of a dressing room, makeup studio and crucially the privacy they need to unwind and feel comfortable.

Q. What made you choose High Wycombe as a location for your business?

I’ve lived in High Wycombe for 10 years, my husband got a job in the area so moving here was a no brainer. I’ve always liked Wycombe (hence my move towards the town centre) and my location makes it easy for clients from further afield to visit me.

Q. What is your favourite part about running your business? 

Unsurprisingly, my favourite part would be doing the photography shoots, this has always been my passion. It’s wonderful to see a model (regardless of age) bloom in front of the camera and capture that.

It’s also magical to see people’s reactions to the slideshow I create of their images – I display these in my viewing area at the back of the studio which is complete with comfy sofas and vintage decor.

Q. Is there any other ‘local gem’ of Wycombe you could recommend (could be another business, cafe, walk etc.)?

Piers Photography offers professional wedding and real estate photography around the Buckinghamshire area, they have a studio located in Naphill but provide a very flexible, tailored service.

I also frequent Costa on the High Street to grab a coffee, I love the aesthetic of the café, and with its vibrant location it’s always a joy to sit outside and watch the world go by too.

Where can people find out more about you and everything you have to offer? 

The Angel Cheeks can be found at www.theangelcheeks.co.uk  or on Facebook. You can also contact us directly on studio@theangelcheeks.co.uk