Spotlight on Hospitality:

 LA-Koco Coffee

Desborough Road

 “The strongest coffee in town…”

A cosy coffee shop serving premium Nigerian coffee, cakes, frappe, ice coffee, smoothies, snacks, teas and authentic Nigerian jollof rice.

Located on Desborough Road, LA-Koco Coffee is maintained, ran and owned by the amazing Bimpe who knows everything there is to know about Nigerian coffee… Not sure what you want just ask and she will create the perfect coffee for you.

HWBIDCo spoke with Bimpe the owner of LA-Koco Coffee, just recently after celebrating their 5-year anniversary to get the insider knowledge – how they operate, what they offer and any exciting news they must share.

 Here’s what Bimpe had to say;

  1. Tell us about LA- Koco for those who might not know? Including where you are located and your opening hours.

We are a Authentic Nigerian coffee shop, with fresh cakes and treats – as well as homemade Jollof rice, meat-pies and other tasty Nigerian snacks.

We are located on Desborough Road at 154 Desborough Road. High Wycombe. HP11 2QA

We are open Monday to Friday, 8.30 am – 4 pm and make great breakfast coffee to go for those on the morning commute.

  1. Why was High Wycombe chosen as a destination for LA-Koco?

Funny enough I was living in London about to move to Aylesbury, we saw a shop in Fairford Leys in Aylesbury, started the process but the owner got panicky and pulled out.

We then started looking at shops in High Wycombe, Milton Keynes and came across this one.

We came here and it fitted what I was looking for and like I always tell my customers, believe this is where God wants me to be.

He is the one that orders our steps!

  1. What is the unique selling point and reason to join LA-Koco?

Our main USP is our authenticity!

Our Authentic Nigerian Coffee that we now specialise in and the Nigerian Jollof Rice.

We also sell our coffees and treats on Deliveroo where we have so many amazing reviews and with an average of 4.9 on google review, I think this speaks for itself!

“The service, people and environment remind me of growing up!”

“Tasty cakes, jollof rice and great coffee!!”

“Just been. Food amazing, like special amazing. Mint drink was fantastic but above everything… it is the people that are special”.

  1. Are there any exciting upcoming events / plans or offers coming soon?

We just had the Nigerian Independence Day Event on the 1st of October. We are also having an end of the year party to close the year, details are still TBC but we will let you know ASAP!

  1. What local ‘hidden gem’ would you recommend to any town centre visitors?

A hidden gem for me will have to be The Brunch Lounge in Eden Center. They do the most amazing, scrambled eggs on toast and full English breakfasts! They also do amazing graze boards which are delicious as well!!

  1. Where can people go to find out about LA-Koco?

On Instagram – @LA-Koco_Coffee we also now have another one @LA-Koco _Sauce where we sell our delicious sauce that you can use to make amazing dishes including the jollof rice. We are also on Facebook – @LA-Koco Coffee.