Student life is a hard one, moving to a new town, living with new people, and finding the perfect pint…


We wanted to help young people navigate this lifestyle more and open them to what High Wycombe has to offer!

The ultimate student survival guide in High Wycombe


Morning Coffee


Fetch a Matcha Latte with oat milk or steaming hot flat white with a nicely warmed croissant on your way to your morning lecture from The Hatch. They are a small coffee spot with single-origin, lightly roasted craft coffee, they expertly make their hot drinks and offer a range of ‘cutting edge’ cold brews and matchas.  


The Hatch is located on Pauls Row in High Wycombe next to O’Neills. Follow them on Facebook @Hatchcoffee or call them on 01494 436000 for any inquiries.


Daily Grind


You cannot beat a toastie from the Front Room, and gosh is that something we all could have done with during those late-night study sessions…


Well, if you go to the Front Room and ask for their ‘Daily Grind Special’ for £12.50 you can get unlimited hot drinks, a delicious toastie and free WIFI all day to finish that essay or watch that lecture.


The toasties, on gorgeous thick-cut sourdough bread range from mozzarella and pesto, brie and cranberry, humous and roasted vegetables or meat feast – there is a toastie for everyone. Pair this with an iced coffee and you are officially a uni student.  


A great working environment, with long tables, plugs and unlimited coffee… you cannot go wrong.


Follow The Front Room on Facebook and Instagram at @thefrontroomhw for updates, upcoming events and daily specials.


Lunchtime in Eden


Toasties not your thing? Well, Jacket Potatoes are the next best thing. Melted cheese and beans… yum!


Why not try Spud 2 Go’s luscious jacket potatoes and make use of the student discount of 20%. Fresh, hot and healthy, fully loaded jackets are the perfect ‘on the go’ student meal.


Alice from the HWBIDCO always has cheese and beans with extra chives and says it’s always lovely and cheesy! She says Manish is always super friendly, and she loves supporting her favourite spot for a quick lunch!


Prices start from £3.00 – trust us when we say they are good!


Follow Manish and the spud-to-go family on Instagram and Facebook at @SpudtoGo for updates and news.





With a few gyms in the town centre there is quite the selection – from ‘Joiceys Boxing Club’, ‘The Gym Group’ on Castle Street, the new coming ‘Buzz Gym’ and ‘Anytime Fitness’ in Eden – there are plenty of places to get fit.


‘Anytime Fitness’ is great for Students as it’s open 24hrs a day which means that ‘student sleep pattern’ won’t get disturbed. They provide a premium experience supporting and coaching their members to evolve their fitness journey.


Visit the Anytime Fitness website at www.anytimefitness.co.uk for pricing, equipment and coaching enquiries.


Grocery Shopping


Juicy tomatoes? Gorgeous melons? Fresh cucumbers and plump plums?


Bassey’s Food Store on Desborough Road should be where you are buying all your fruit and veg from.


Located at 136 Desborough Road, Bassey’s food store has the best in town – with Medlars from Spain, Watermelons from Mauritania, quality black tomatoes and 9 different variants of peppers. The colourful display of fruit & veg is gorgeous and a true sight to see.


Follow them on Facebook at @Basseyfoodstore for updates on what they have in store and special offers.


Evening Drinks


Go and enjoy a pint of fresh Craft Ale in the Heidrun Tap Room a bar and restaurant that brings craft beers and ciders from some of the world’s finest brewers to High Wycombe Town Centre.


Located near The Hatch on Paul Row, go grab a juicy burger, spicy wings, stone-baked pizza and a cold pint of beer with friends.


With a generous amount on tap, I’m sure you will find a beer you like!


A stand-out one for us from March was the ‘Red-light, Green Light’ pale ale from the Brew York. The super juicy flavoursome, near-fruity ale was a win with the HWBIDCO employee Rachael.


Follow them on Instagram and Facebook @heidrunbar for updated beers on tap or visit their website https://www.heidrun.bar for events, bookings, and their full menu.